Who can use Digital Goods Store?

If you are the author of your own digital content, such as Videos, eBooks, Music, then Digital Goods Store is for you.

We're looking for well produced and quality content that has true original value.

What are the costs?

Digital Goods Store is free to sign up and use, we pay out an 85% commission rate on your product's list price. There are no other additional costs! We take care of all other fees.

All our features are available to all of our authors, we don't charge for additional extras such as shopping carts, subscriptions or support.


sales commission


storage & bandwidth


transaction fees


to create an account

Why are you different?

The main advantage of Digital Goods Store, aside from our incredible features, is how we handle the new EU VAT regulations. There are many platforms that offer a similar service, but try to remove themselves from the responsibility of the EU VAT regulations by passing this burden on to the author. This is not only unhelpful for most digital authors, but also illegal and could end up with many of their users facing heavy fines.

Not only have we sought in-dependant expert VAT advice, but consulted directly with the HMRC's top VAT expert, and have confirmation that the way Digital Goods Store handles VAT is the only way in which it should be run.

For more information about "how?" and "why?", please read our EU VAT guide.

Fully compliant with EU VAT

Our platform automatically collects the required customer data and pays the EU VAT, so you don't have to.

Hassle free support

We handle all customer technical support, including download issues, dealing with refunds and disputing chargebacks.

Pay in local currencies

Your prices are automatically converted to customers local currency, making it easier to sell all around the world.

Secure downloads

Our download pages are protected in a variety of advanced ways to prevent illegal sharing.

Who is Digital Goods Store?

Digital Goods Store was founded in 2009 by self-employed developer, Stephen Knott. Stephen was looking for a way to provide his clients with a bespoke method to sell and deliver their digital content easily and securely via the recently released Amazon S3 file storage service.

In 2012, Stephen was looking to expand Digital Goods Store and reach out to the ever growing market, he invited Adam Perry, another local developer to join the business and help take that step.

The idea was to create a platform that cut out the nonsense and provide a simple way for anyone of any technical background to create products and sell anywhere online.

Today, both Stephen and Adam are still the sole developers, designers and directors of Digital Goods Store. We are 100% debt free, and are not tied down by outside investors. This allows us to keep our platform tailored to you, the author, and we now work full time creating new features and finding ways to improve the world of digital selling!

If you'd like to learn more about the services we offer, please checkout our features page, or if you have any questions please contact us through our support page.