16 Sep 2016

Apple Pay


Yesterday Apple released their new Apple Pay for web service, and today we are pleased to announce that we now support Apple Pay for checkout payments!

23 Nov 2015



Our new Webhooks feature allows you to easily integrate your own system in to your Digital Goods Store sales.

23 Jul 2015

Sell Downloads with Wordpress

The Digital Goods Store Button Generator plugin makes it child's play to add our buy now and add to cart buttons to your WordPress powered site enabling you to securely sell downloads. Theres no fiddling with complicated javascript code or having to edit your WordPress templates. Simply install the plugin and your good to go.

21 Jul 2015


We've added a great new feature for our international sellers! We call it "Local Currency".

Enabling Local Currency on your account will allow your prices to automatically be converted in to your customers native currency.

20 Jul 2015


We've created a new product type: Subscription Products! So you can now sell downloadable content using recurring payments.

19 Jul 2015


We asked our authors what information is most useful to them when viewing their sales. So we took that feedback and developed some hugely improved features!