126 Construction Project Templates

126 Construction Project Templates

by PMConnection


Here is the list:

1 Accident or incident report.pdf
2 Accident or incident report--minor occurrence.pdf
3 Accident or incident report--witness statement.pdf
4 Advising subcontractor of due date to apply for pa.pdf
5 AE adds more items in subsequent punch list.pdf
6 AE doesn't agree with subcontractor's requisition.pdf
7 AE overdue in returning shop drawings.pdf
8 AE questions subcontractor's costs.pdf
9 AE requests contractor to slow down work in an are.pdf
10 Change by AE will result in extended completion da.pdf
11 Confirming verbal instructions from AE.pdf
12 Deducting value of punch list items from subcontra.pdf
13 Emergency number list.pdf
14 Engaging another subcontractor to correct work.pdf
15 Field office trailer checklist.pdf
16 Final letter to AE when shop drawings are not retur.pdf
17 Final payment held up by AE for warranty, not punc.pdf
18 First request to subcontractor to clean work areas.pdf
19 Follow-up letter requesting cost proposal.pdf
20 Follow-up to letter requesting shop drawing schedul.pdf
21 Follow-up to subcontractor's disputing obligations.pdf
22 Hiring another subcontractor to complete work.pdf
23 Inquiring about status of payment from owner.pdf
24 Inquiry to AE about recently submitted PCO, RFI, R.pdf
25 Job site binder setup.pdf
26 Letter forcing a response from subcontractor.pdf
27 Material safety data sheet (MSDS) register.pdf
28 Monthly project review worksheet.pdf
29 No response from AE to query about PCO, RFI, RFC.pdf
30 Notice of subcontractor safety violation form.pdf
31 Notice to clean up.pdf
32 Notice to correct.pdf
33 Notice to subcontractor that AE has rejected work.pdf
34 Notifying AE of switch of utility costs to owner.pdf
35 Notifying AE of weather-related delay.pdf
36 Notifying AE that delay in shop drawing return will.pdf
37 Notifying owner of its share of utility costs.pdf
38 Owner or AE advises of impending change in work.pdf
39 Owner sends another punch list to contractor.pdf
40 Performing T&M work when AE or owner doesn't sign .pdf
41 Preconstruction meeting checklist.pdf
42 Preproject handoff meeting form.pdf
43 Proceeding with T&M work without agreement on fina.pdf
44 Proceeding with work on T&M basis.pdf
45 Project closeout memo to subcontractors.pdf
46 Project closeout procedures.pdf
47 Project manager or project superintendent preconstruction review.pdf
48 Project start-up checklist.pdf
49 Putting subcontractor on notice for poor performan.pdf
50 Quality control checklist--Concrete Form Removal.pdf
51 Quality control checklist--Concrete Reinforcement.pdf
52 Quality control checklist--Concrete.pdf
53 Quality control checklist--Demountable Partitions.pdf
54 Quality control checklist--Earthwork.pdf
55 Quality control checklist--Finish Carpentry.pdf
56 Quality control checklist--Flashing and Sheetmetal.pdf
57 Quality control checklist--Gypsum Drywall.pdf
58 Quality control checklist--Hydraulic Elevators.pdf
59 Quality control checklist--Interior Glass and Glazing.pdf
60 Quality control checklist--Landscaping.pdf
61 Quality control checklist--Lockers and Benches.pdf
62 Quality control checklist--Membrane Roofing.pdf
63 Quality control checklist--Metal Deck.pdf
64 Quality control checklist--Metal Doors and Frames.pdf
65 Quality control checklist--Metal Stairs.pdf
66 Quality control checklist--Metal Toilet Partitions.pdf
67 Quality control checklist--Miscellaneous Metal.pdf
68 Quality control checklist--Painting.pdf
69 Quality control checklist--Pavements and Walks.pdf
70 Quality control checklist--Resilient Flooring.pdf
71 Quality control checklist--Roof Insulation.pdf
72 Quality control checklist--Rough Carpentry.pdf
73 Quality control checklist--Sealants and Caulking.pdf
74 Quality control checklist--Seamless Elastomeric Flooring.pdf
75 Quality control checklist--Steel Joists.pdf
76 Quality control checklist--Structural Steel.pdf
77 Quality control checklist--Toilet Room Accessories.pdf
78 Rejecting defective or nonconforming work.pdf
79 Renovation Proposal v1.xls
80 Request for Clarification (RFC) form.pdf
81 Request for expedited review of shop drawings.pdf
82 Request for Information (RFI) form--type 1.pdf
83 Request for Information (RFI) form--type 2.pdf
84 Request for inspection prior to backfilling.pdf
85 Request that AE review pencil copy of requisition.pdf
86 Request to subcontractor to review baseline schedu.pdf
87 Request to subcontractor to submit shop drawing sch.pdf
88 Requesting additional sets of drawings from AE.pdf
89 Requesting close-in inspection from AE.pdf
90 Requesting cost proposal from subcontractor.pdf
91 Requesting lien waiver from subcontractor.pdf
92 Requesting lien waivers from lower-tier subcontrac.pdf
93 Requesting punch list from AE.pdf
94 Requesting schedule of work from subcontractor.pdf
95 Requesting subcontractor complete punch list.pdf
96 Requesting substitution of a product.pdf
97 Requesting visit from architect to establish Subst.pdf
98 Responding to owner's request for partial occupanc.pdf
99 Responding to subcontractor's request for off-site.pdf
100 RFI log--type 1.pdf
101 RFI log--type 2.pdf
102 Safety violation notice--company.pdf
103 Safety violation notice--individual.pdf
104 Second letter requesting punch list from AE.pdf
105 Second request to correct rejected work.pdf
106 Site team progress meeting.pdf
107 Subcontractor failure to start work on time.pdf
108 Subcontractor negotiation form.pdf
109 Superintendent's notice of pending backcharges.pdf
110 Tool inventory list.pdf
111 Toolbox talk sign-in sheet.pdf
112 Transmitting punch list to subcontractor.pdf
113 Transmitting to subcontractor inspection report re.pdf
114 Unit punch list for finishes.pdf
115 Visitor log.pdf
116 When AE issues sketches containing changes.pdf
117 When previous letters regarding payment go unanswe.pdf
118 When previous letters to AE do not produce shop dra.pdf
119 When subcontractor claims another subcontractor ow.pdf
120 When subcontractor disagrees with reason for rejec.pdf
121 When subcontractor disputes contract obligations.pdf
122 When subcontractor fails to complete punch list wo.pdf
123 When subcontractor has not completed rework.pdf
124 When subcontractor may be late in completing work.pdf
125 When subcontractor takes issue with AE finding.pdf
126 When subcontractor threatens to reduce manpower.pdf

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