A Release from Depression 11222015

by Pure Soul Alchemy

A Release from Depression 11222015


Everyone feels sad occasionally but these feelings are usually temporary and pass within a short time. Depression, on the other hand, is a long term systemic malady which interferes with daily life and causes pain for you and your loved ones.

Depression is not only an emotional state. It can manifest in several areas in our lives. Physically, depression symptoms can include feeling lethargic, stressed, manic, hyper or depleted, lack of vitality, lowered immune system. On a spirit level, depression makes us feel uninspired, lost, directionless and a loss of passion for things that once gave us joy.

For some people, depression is front and center in their lives, taking over and rendering them substantially incapacitated. For others, depression can be underneath the surface, below their awareness, dulling their outlook and inhibiting their forward progression in ways they wouldn't even think to attribute to an underlying depression.

Depression results from sublimating deep truths from ourselves alone not with other deeper emotions that we've disallowed ourselves from acknowledging and feeling. Thus cutting off access to a substantial portion of our spirit and leaving us in a lackluster orientation to life.

When we reach and address the underlying reasons for our depression, true transcendence occurs. Shedding the heavy burden of depression, we return to the lightness, optimism, joy and inspired outlook of our spirit. We return to wholeness.

Healing points we will cover in our session:

1. Healing depression from a substantial loss (death of a loved one, a divorce, job, etc.).

2. Bringing in supportive frequencies to recreate, rediscover ourselves.

3. Bringing into our consciousness, awareness of any depression that has been operating in the background.

4. Releasing Depression as a Norm.

5. Releasing the depressive cycle of writing off or disregarding ones life and the miracles and blessings of spirit that are constantly streaming in.

6. Conducting a substantial Entity Clearing.

7. Healing intense depression that is front and center in life, taking over and rendering us substantially incapacitated. Healing the feeling of not wanting to be alive.

8. Healing depression that is underneath the surface, below awareness, dulling the outlook and inhibiting forward progression in ways we wouldn't even think to attribute to an underlying depression.

9. Healing Depression which results from sublimating deep truths from ourselves along with other deeper emotions that we've disallowed ourselves from acknowledging and feeling.

10. Healing the different manifestations of depression on the different levels - Physical, Emotion, Psychological, Spiritual.

11. Healing Familial and genetic depression.

12. Releasing investment in beliefs and ideas about who we should be or the way our lives should unfold.

13. Healing Depression which occurs as a result of a "dark night of the soul" life passage, death of the old life while the new life is being constructed.

14. Acknowledgment of Unfulfilled desires.

15. Planetary Transits

16. Healing disconnect from our spirit.

17. Healing discrepancy between our soul calling and the life we are currently leading.


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