ABCs, Colors, Shapes And More!

ABCs, Colors, Shapes And More!

by Little Baby Bum ®

ABCs, Colors, Shapes And More!


We've compiled a bunch of the LBB learning videos into one long compilation that isn't available anywhere else - including YouTube! Covering the following subjects:

ABC / Alphabet / Phonics
Days of the week / Months of the year
And much more!

**Please note that the videos in this compilation are available in other Little Baby Bum compilations - this compilation is a special collection of learning videos only**

ABC Balloons
Color Train Song
ABC Train
Shapes Song
Rainbow Colors
ABC In Outer Space
Circle Song
Days Of The Week
Alphabet Party
Square Song
Animal Sounds
ABC Underwater
Shapes Train Song
Colors & Actions
Telling Time Song
ABC Jumping Song
Months Of The Year
Rectangle Song
ABC Phonics
Big & Small
ABC Bubbles
Getting Dressed Song
Learn Colors And Objects Song
ABC Song
Triangle Song
Shapes Train Song - Part 2
ABC Phonics - Part 2


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Quality hd-720p quality
Age Range 1+
Length 51 mins
Format MP4
Created 21st Jan 2017
Updated 2nd Nov 2017
Video Children

Files included

MP4 540mb

All Videos

Nursery Rhymes 1

54 mins, HD

Nursery Rhymes 2

55 mins, HD

Nursery Rhymes 3

45 mins, HD

Nursery Rhymes 4

51 mins, HD

Nursery Rhymes 5

48 mins, HD

Nursery Rhymes 6

48 mins, HD

Nursery Rhymes 7

53 mins, HD

Christmas Songs

10 mins, HD

Bedtime Songs

42 mins, HD

Number Songs

1 hour, HD

Nursery Rhymes 8

54 mins, HD

Ten Little Buses

2 mins, HD

ABC Balloons Song

2 mins, HD

Bath Song

1 min, HD

Swimming Song

1 min, HD

Driving In My Car

1 min, HD

Ice Cream Song

1 min, HD

Where Did You Go?

1 min, HD

Nursery Rhymes 9

56 mins, HD

Pat A Cake

1 min, HD

Little Bo Peep

1 min, HD

Ten In The Bed

2 mins, HD

ABC Phonics

1 min, HD

Humpty Dumpty

1 min, HD

Ding Dong Bell

1 min, HD

Animal Sounds Song

2 mins, HD

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