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Unleashing ARCADIA. This royalty-free collection provides you with an enormous selection of 8-Bit sounds and retro sounds with a modern touch. From quivering deaths to delicate locks and intense doors this collection will undoubtedly add sonic life to your project, be it games, television or film.
We set out to create something more interesting and exciting than just being faithful to the retro game console sound genre. Seeming that we live in a modern world we think that the sounds should evolve with us. ARCADIA is our answer.
As many sounds as possible have been optimised for efficient game audio integration, so you will not have to spend time tweaking away in an audio editor – just throw them straight in!
This collection contains sounds such as: Alarms, Ambiences, Attacks, Calculations, Damages, Deaths, Doors, Errors, Explosions, Notifications, Jumps, Falls, Footsteps, Weapons, Impacts, Item Pickups, Machines, Monsters, Projectiles, Radio Disturbances, Whooshes, Music Tracks and so much more. Take a look at our Data Sheet for the complete list.
- 96 kHz, 24-bit / stereo
- 980+ files
- 1.75GB of data
- All audio includes embedded descriptive Metadata


INTERACT is a royalty free collection providing you with interface, menu and HUD sound effects for your game or film at an affordable price!

We have aimed to make this collection versatile enough to be used in a wide range of projects, from a heads up display inside a mech to quick and easy sounds in a menu for your video game.

Metadata has also been included in all of the sounds in the collection to make them easier to find in your database.

Key Feature

• 96 kHz, 24-bit / stereo
• 174 individual sounds
• +263 MB of data
• Glitches
• All audio includes embedded descriptive Metadata

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Tracks 1154
Sample Rate 24-Bit Stereo, 96 kHz
Updated 20th Jan 2018
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ZIP 1.4gb

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