Card Counting Tutorial

by Tarot Elements

Card Counting Tutorial


If the usual patchwork of long-winded tarot card meanings and tarot spreads just isn’t cutting it for you, you need this Card Counting Tutorial. For the first time ever in a clear and understandable style, you will learn how to master this technique with step-by-step examples. You’ll learn how to harness the power and richness present in every tarot card without restricting it to a predefined slot that may have no direct meaning to you. Card counting demands surprisingly little effort on the part of the tarot reader, but gives you excellent performance with the rapid ability to develop complex stories—and you can exploit these virtues with your tarot readings by charging more. Card counting gives you a rich and expressive power to transform your tarot readings, taking you from amateur to professional quickly and easily.

In this tutorial you will learn:

the mechanics of card counting
how to use directional dignities
the technique of card pairing
how to read tarot cards in combinations
and techniques for extending and shortening a reading.

Get out your deck of cards and follow me step-by-step as I go through a tarot reading using all of the above techniques. Using full colour pictures of the cards and clear instructions, this tutorial is a true walk-through. There is so much to take away from this tutorial that can be used in other tarot spreads and readings.

In addition to the above techniques, you will also:

practice your story-telling skills
learn how to let the cards speak for themselves
be intuitive in your tarot reading
free yourself of restriction and be spontaneous.

Throughout the book, you'll develop key skills in delivering a polished tarot card reading, including multiple approaches to the short and long count phenomena, card pairing and the significance of a single remaining card. By the end, you will have gained a solid foundation, from theory to practice, in card counting.

This book is for anyone interested in taking the next step in tarot card reading.


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