Celtic Cross Spread Tutorial

by Tarot Elements

Celtic Cross Spread Tutorial


Do you already have some experience with the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread? Are you a complete novice? Do you understand it? Does it confuse you? Do you feel you could get more out of it? If you’ve asked any of those questions, then this tutorial is meant for you. Go from no to pro in 26 beautiful pages.

How to Read the Celtic Cross Spread Like A Pro continues to be a well read hit – thanks to its deep yet concise exploration, inclusion of advanced reading techniques and graphic displays. Presented here for the first time in a printer friendly style, you can download this now famous tutorial to your printed and published tarot learning material.

Also included in this beautifully presented ebook, is the creative and popular Retrospective Tarot Reading, using my 300 year old ancestor as the topic of my exploration. The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread is a flexible, thorough and safe way to explore your questions. Mastery of this spread is made easy with this tutorial, with an accompanying tarot reading to help you follow along and bring it to life, you can’t go wrong. Once you’re comfortable with this spread, the sky’s really the limit.

As well as spread positions, extra topics covered include:

The significator
Cause and effect
The law of attraction
The card ratio
Elemental influences
Timing in the cards

Using methods and techniques that can be used in other tarot spreads, the Celtic Cross Spread Tutorial is an essential tool in your tarot reading toolkit.


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