Decoy Lounge 4-7-17

Decoy Lounge 4-7-17

by DcVybe Store

Decoy Lounge 4-7-17


The Vybe Band
Vybe was formed in 2002 after the expiration of a group called Virtuous. Vybe started as a R&B cover band, which performed weekly at J's Sport Cafe in Laurel, Md. Eventually Vybe layered their R&B sound over D.C.'s GO-GO pocket. The streets of D.C. calls this style 'Pocket Jazz' or 'Grown & Sexy', but we just call it music. Vybe's sound is heavily influenced by the 'The Godfather of GO-GO' Chuck Brown


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Length 2 hours
Format MP3, WAV
Tracks 22
Music Album Go-Go

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22x WAV 1.3gb (total)
22x MP3 168.6mb (total)
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