How To Put More Excitement In Your Paintings

How To Put More Excitement In Your Paintings

by Tom Brown Teaches Oil Painting

How To Put More Excitement In Your Paintings


This oil painting video is for all skill levels from absolute beginners to experienced artists. I share loads of secrets that I have been teaching for years in my sold-out workshops. Including easy shortcuts you can use right away to add more excitement to almost anything you paint.

I begin with several step-by-step demonstrations of how to see the possibilities in any subject, even in what appear to be very boring scenes. In these demonstrations I begin with easy-to-do value studies, then I show you how to add quick color notes to explore color combinations, and I show how to build on what Nature offers to take things to a higher level of interest and excitement.

In this video I also cover composition, subject, creative approach and many more elements that will make your work stand out. I show dozens of ways to make your work more exciting. And I even finish with a gallery of additional ideas to keep you inspired and help you continue to grow in your own work.


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