LBB Junior Children's Songs - Volume 2

LBB Junior Children's Songs - Volume 2

by Little Baby Bum Junior ®


Track list:

The Little Mermaid
Growing Up Song
Bedtime Routine
Learning To Swim
Don't Pick Your Nose Song
Princess And The Pea Story
Painting And Drawing Song
Backpack Song
Tongue Twisting Fun!
Measuring Your Height Song
Riding A Bike Song
New Shoes
Ice Skating Song
Life Cycle of A Frog Song
Book Song!
Party Bus
Bumper Cars Song
Eat Your Vegetables
Kite Flying Song
Saying Sorry Song
Counting By 2 Song
Book Song - Part 2
Fly Song
Silly Animal Song
Trampoline Song
Friends Play Together
Playground Song
Picnic Song
Going To The Dentist Song
Yo-Yo Song


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Quality hd-720p quality
Age Range 4-6
Length 52 mins 28 seconds
Format MP4
Created 14th Aug 2017
Updated 3rd Oct 2017
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