Learn All the Colors

Learn All the Colors

by Pancake Manor


Pancake Manor's original collection of pop music videos for kids explores the most popular colors through song and vivid imagery. This continuous-play video will delight children and adults alike.

What people are saying about this video on YouTube:

"Love this! So catchy... so educational! Kids music that I'm not embarrassed to listen to even when the kids aren't home! Great job Pancake Crew!"

"Thanks for this compilation. My son loves your videos! We really appreciate the quality you put in your videos. Keep them coming! Mabuhay from the Philippines!"

"I know this is a kids channel, but to be honest, these videos are too amazing and useful for learning English, doesn't matter if you are 20 years old."

Included songs:

1. Pink
2. Red
3. Purple
4. Green
5. Yellow
6. Orange
7. Blue


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Quality hd-720p quality
Age Range 0+
Length 15 mins 38 seconds
Format MP4
Created 27th Nov 2017
Updated 29th Nov 2017
Product Code PMCOLORS
Video Children

Files included

MP4 176mb

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