Levels 1 & 2 - 18 Rhythms

Levels 1 & 2 - 18 Rhythms

by Learn Djembe Online


Tutorials, demonstrations, notation and playalongs for: Balakulandjan, Djole, Senefoli, Moribayassa, Denadon, Dallah, Toro, Soli Rapide, Kanin, Fankani, Soli Lent, Fe 1, Soliwoulen, Kono, Djagbe, Soko, Kuku & Kassa.
Presented by TTM Certified Teacher, Tara Tucker.

For each rhythm:
- Detailed rhythm instruction of 2 djembe accompaniments
- BONUS demos of 3rd djembe accompaniments
- Cultural background information
- Demonstration of the 3 dunun (bass drum) parts
- Ensemble demo video that shows the 3 dununs & 2 djembes coming in 1 by 1
- Rhythm notations for both djembe and dunun parts
- Basic djembe technique video
- Video explaining how to read box notations
- Playalong tracks of each of the djembe parts and of the dunun ensemble.
Each playalong is provided at 3 or 4 speeds, ranging from 75 to 135 beats per minute, depending on the rhythm.

Please note:
This material requires over 5G of storage. For convenient transmission, the files have been bundled into 8 'zip' files. You can't download the zips directly to an iOS device like an ipad. So please first download the zip files to your computer or external hard drive, unzip the files and then transfer them to your device(s).

Please don't copy and share these files. Ask your friends, colleagues, students etc to purchase their own copy. Thank you!


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