Plexi (Etano 2.50 Bootstrap Template)

Plexi (Etano 2.50 Bootstrap Template)

by KH Designs

Plexi (Etano 2.50 Bootstrap Template)


Introducing Plexi - The all new template for Etano 2.50!

Plexi is a clean, clutter-free and effective template which is made to look good for both desktop and mobile users. The main aim of Plexi is to offer a clean, modern and easy to use design which gives your users a pleasant experience on both desktops and mobiles.

: : Simplified Pagination : :
To make the skin more mobile friendly the pagination has been simplified to a maximum of 2 buttons (Previous - Next)

: : Fixed-Position Navigation : :
The main menu is fixed to the top of the page so theres easy access while scrolling down pages.

: : 5 Pre-styled Color Schemes : :
Now! Comes packed with 5 different color schemes so you can get started straight away!

: : Improved Smileys : :
I have added a close button to close the smileys block without selecting a smiley. Useful if users decide not use a smiley.

: : FREE! FAQ Page Mod : :
Out of the box Plexi comes with a simple and easy to use Frequently Asked Questions page for your site. So you can create a help section on your site to answer common questions. (Comes with some pre-written questions/answers which you should review and modify to meet your needs. Details provided in the user manual.)​

: : FREE! Email Templates : :
Plexi comes packaged with some newly styled email templates to offer a more updated look for your emails that get sent to members.

NOTE! Every email provider/system processes styled emails differently and is impossible to ensure 100% compatibility. Emails are minimally styled so in the event there is a conflict the impact on the email should be minimal. These are optional so its upto you if you want to use them.


Script Compatibility: Etano 2.50


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