Professional Photoshop Retouching using Dodge & Burn and Color Grading

by Premium PSD Files

Professional Photoshop Retouching using Dodge & Burn and Color Grading


In this extensive PSD File we’ll be taking a deep dive into two of the most important techniques in photo retouching and image editing, known as Dodge & Burn and Color Grading.

This product was designed for professional and amateur photographers and people interested in retouching who want to expand their Portrait and Beauty Photography retouching skills and increase the quality of their retouching results.
These techniques are used by professionals working for high fashion, beauty and portrait magazines and commercials.
Now you have the opportunity to inspect the non-destructive Dodge and Burn workflow of a pro insider with years of experience and knowledge in the industry.

Color grading is the process of altering and enhancing the color of a digital image, motion picture and sophisticated video and you have the chance to see how it was used in this case. You can see the end result of the image here:

Take a closer look at the original image also on the final result and apply this on your personal work and move one step ahead now!


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Created 4th Apr 2017
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