Strength of Seduction Part 2

Strength of Seduction Part 2

by StrengthOfSeduction


S.O.S. Pt.2 is an entirely original fitness system that helps partners get in shape and simultaneously increase physical/emotional intimacy using elements from resistance training, calisthenics, yoga, aerobics, karma sutra, meditation, massage therapy and more.

It is intense, yet intensely personal. It will get your heart racing for all the right reasons.

Studies show that human touch is the most powerful trust-builder we have in our communication arsenal.

Clinical psychologists confirm that touch communicates love and understanding on a deep level that words cannot articulate. Yet oftentimes, couples simply stop making frequent physical contact with each other after the honeymoon phase. When this happens, subconscious trust evaporates and distance develops. In a tasteful manner, S.O.S. will teach participants that sexual intimacy is not something that should only happen as a prelude to intercourse.

The program demonstrates how intimacy can be used as a tool to get fitter, stronger and closer. And most importantly, have fun! For many, the motivation to get in shape is to look amazing and perform well for that “special someone”.

Why not go on that journey together?

Runtime: 1hr 33min


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Created 11th Nov 2016
Updated 4th Feb 2018
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