What's Done in the Dark: An Erotic Paranormal Anthology

What's Done in the Dark: An Erotic Paranormal Anthology

by Lillium Publishing Bookstore



From Best-Selling author A.C. Greenlee...

WDITD features eight sexy alpha-male heroes in an erotic anthology you absolutely need.

Each chapter covers several genres, from Urban Fiction to High Fantasy and beyond; each with a Paranormal twist. With Shapeshifting bears, Dragons and the Devil himself, Paranormal erotica reaches an all new sexual high in this anthology.

Where will you be when night falls?

Lucifer's Kiss: Mallory is in hell, figuratively and literally. Once a powerful sorceress named Sabine, the woman has been ripped from her human life and landed in the lap of an extremely old, extremely POWERFUL ex-lover: the Devil himself. While she longs to return to her human life, she can't deny the attraction she has to the demon lord, nor can she keep her hands to herself.

The Demon Butler: Eleanor Benoit is every bit the President's daughter; sweet, well-behaved and obedient. That is, until she summons up a demon one drunken college night. Dominic Hemlocke works as her family's dutiful butler, but he's much more interested in serving Mistress Eleanor in a more personal manner. Afraid of damaging her father's reputation, she hesitates, but she can't deny the draw of all the debauch and carnal pleasures Dominic can offer her. But who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?

Dragon's Bane: Plus sized Latina Gracie Ramirez finds herself in over her head when angry bank patron William Tatum swears revenge for his loan denial. But it isn't HER well-being she's worried about. Beloved girlfriend of Dragon-Shifter and mafia brat Jackson Casella, she knows it's only a matter of time before pays the man a visit. She's hoping that a good romp on the kitchen counter will keep him occupied but, knowing her Jackson, Mr. Tatum's days are numbered.

Black Cat Comfort: With Satanist landlords and a bona fide Mummy in the basement, the Monster House on Corvus Lane is just the place for Rhea. But even Witches have to pay rent and her wallet is running thin. As her familiar, Valerian wants to please her, but old Wiccan standards keep her from taking him up on his offer. With her landlord breathing down her neck and a shape-shifting cat who can't keep his hands out of her pants, what's a girl to do except indulge?

Devoured: Franz is an angel with a sordid past. Karmen is a sassy Hellmouth who doesn't know how to keep her big mouth shut. To Michael the Archangel they're a match made in heaven, but Franz knows better than anyone how quickly his darker tendencies could land them both in a heap of trouble. But she's so damn tempting, and he can't seem to keep his tongue out of places it shouldn't rightfully be.

Blood Oath: Ethereal and vulnerable, Iara is on the run from a man who wants her dead. Her only hope? A Vampire. Having sworn off blood, his hunger is a constant reminder of his sin, and the closer they get the more he craves it. She wants to survive no matter what, even if it means feeding her Vampire protector. But when danger looms near and hunger turns into lust, the two are ensnared by ancient magic and a passion neither of them is willing to understand, or deny.

When Monsters are Near: Eriki is a chunky elf, desperate to prove herself. When her hunting party is killed and she is blamed, she volunteers to pay off the Goblin King and keep her people safe from their wrath. Her crush, Were-Bear Iain, joins her. Fully intent on keeping her safe, he finds the girl he always viewed as a child was a fierce huntress who wouldn't stop until she got what she wanted. And he was on the menu.

Reclaimed: Adolfo spent the last several years of his life searching for his missing mate. When he finds her in a cafe in the heart of New York City, he takes her to their home in Italy. But Cat has no memory of being a wolf, not to mention a mate with a growl that makes her weak in the knees. When they make love, sparks fly, but will their reunion be enough to break an ancient spell? Or will his Isabella forever be lost to a saucy waitress with a Jersey accent?


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