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The review process

When an author creates an account, we expect them to set up their store profile, upload products, and enter their payout details so that we can approve their account.

Without all of this information, an account will be considered inactive and we will reject it after 7 days. The author will then not be able to log back in to their account unless they contact us.


I've added everything to my account, what now?

If you have added all of this information and uploaded your products, it can sometimes take time for our review team to approve your account. If you feel you have done everything to meet our Store & Product guidelines and are awaiting approval, feel free to contact us to let us know you have completed everything. This will fast track your review process, and hopefully get you approved and selling.


I haven't heard anything, what's going on?

If you have not heard anything from our review team within a few days, then chances are you are missing some vital information. Ensure you have added your bank details, and reviewed our guidelines to ensure you meet our requirements.


I have been rejected, what now?

If an authors products are wholly unsuitable for our store, then we will close their account instantly. We may not inform an author that we have done this, depending on the reason behind this.

If an author is missing vital information, or is not quite meeting our guideline requirements, we may inform them to improve certain areas before we can review them again.


We provide as much information as possible in our Store & Product guidelines to help authors understand what is expected from them when setting up their products and account. If an authors account is rejected, we do not always have the time to explain on an individual basis why their products did not meet our requirement standards, all we can do is direct authors to review the guidelines.

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If your questions are still not answered, please send our support team a message and we will aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

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