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Using the Wordpress plugin

The bamazoo Button Generator plugin makes it easy to add our buy now buttons to your WordPress powered site enabling you to securely sell downloads. There's no fiddling with complicated javascript code or having to edit your WordPress templates. Simply install the plugin and your good to go.


Step 1

Search for "bamazoo" from the Plugins section of your Wordpress admin. This will bring up the official bamazoo plugin.



Step 2

After clicking "Install Now", the plugin will download and install. Once complete, simply click the "Activate" button.



Step 3

You should now see the activated plugin. That completes the plugin installation.



Step 4

Copy the WordPress dgs shortcode from your bamazoo account for the product you'd like to show on your site.



Step 5

Paste the dgs shortcode into your WordPress post or page and publish/update it.



Step 6

Check your site, you should now see the buy now or add to cart button rendered on the page.


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