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What is bamazoo®?

bamazoo® is an online marketplace for buying and selling digital content, such as videos, music, ebooks, software and graphics.

We like to ensure that everything on bamazoo® is high quality, original content as well as providing a friendly and secure way for customers to find and purchase downloadable content.



bamazoo® is a trading name of Digital Goods Store Ltd based in London, UK. As a business, Digital Goods Store specialises in ecommerce and digital content.


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Originally, bamazoo® was branded as Digital Goods Store, but we rebranded the store in 2017.

Digital Goods Store was founded in 2009. The original concept was aimed at a new wave of technical users wanting to sell their own digital downloads securely. There was nothing else like it on the market.

2012 onwards saw more and more people discovering the power of selling digital content online, and so we created a new platform aimed at sellers, allowing them to use our features to set up their own digital goods store on their own website. At this time, again, there was nothing else like Digital Goods Store, and its concept was perfectly apt for the new market of sellers.

In 2015, everything changed. The new EU VAT regulation put definitions on who the customer should be purchasing from, this meant the concept set out in 2012 was no longer suitable. We pioneered a new platform to comply with these new regulations, and were the first platform, again, to do this right.

But it slowly became clear that the original idea we had created of a self-encapsulated, self- branded, self-promoted, seller-orientated store page, which was now the only option out there due to these copy-cats, was creating a blurred line between what customers want and what sellers want. It soon became apparent that we were no longer comparable to these other platforms in terms of service and concept.

We realised something needed to change!


The bamazoo® concept

With the growing popularity of stores such as the Amazon marketplace, Apple app store and music store, we realised that the industry has moved towards marketplace selling. Customers go to brands and stores that they have used before and know how it works and trust, but there is nothing like this for general digital content, so we knew we had to venture towards with the digital downloads market.

The most important thing to customers is content, so we wanted to create a new store that focused on the content that authors were creating. We wanted to create a store that presented authors in a way that allows customers to find what they want readily.

We knew that customers buy from similar authors all the time, but even with the options that are available today there is still nothing out there that allows customers to discover authors in an effective manner, so we also wanted a store that breaks down this idea of a self-encapsulated, self-branded store page, and create a natural marketplace that encourages customers to seek out authors and cross promote content.

With this new focus on customers, we realised the brand name “Digital Goods Store” was no longer suitable for the new market and concept. Customers don’t know what “Digital Goods” are, it’s too technical.

So, we set out to create a new brand that was customer friendly, easy to remember, and didn’t portray any pre-conceived ideas.

We needed a friendly and unique name, that would encompass the concept of many authors coming together to be viewed within one place.

We felt the idea of a ‘zoo’ was a great metaphor for this;



“an establishment which maintains a collection of wild animals, typically in a park or gardens, for study, conservation, or display to the public.”

So we came up with the name “bamazoo”.

bamazoo logo

- bamazoo® logo




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