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Downloading your purchase

So you've made a purchase from bamazoo! Now all you need to do is download your files.

After payment, you will be able to access your downloads instantly. You will also be sent an email containing receipt and your download link so you can access your downloads later.

If you haven't received this link via email please check your junk folder, as it may have landed in there!

If you still cannot find this email, please contact support using the form below and we can provide you with your download link.


Getting your download link

Your email receipt contains a summary of your order as well as your download link.

Purchase Email


Your download page

This link is unique to your order and should kept safe for future use, and not shared! Your download link will take you directly to your download page.

Download Page


For help on downloading your files, please review our quick help guides, or contact us using the form below.


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If your questions are still not answered, please send our support team a message and we will aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

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