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Why choose bamazoo®?

1. Earn 85% in royalties

There are no hidden fee's or extra monthly costs, and you can't get stung with expensive chargeback fee's. Everything you see is available to you as an author with bamazoo®, and you will receive 85% net royalty of each sale.

In our opinion, that's unbeatable!


2. Quality over quantity

We focus on working with authors that create quality products instead of populating a website with thousands of similar sub-par products which only ends up being a frustrating experience for the customer.

If you need help creating graphics, pricing your products or creating consistent product descriptions, we're here to assist.


3. Customer focused

We’ve focused on making our store pages and checkout the easiest to use and most secure, resulting in the best shopping environment.

Products are automatically displayed in a customers local currency, meaning the don't need to worry about currency conversion fee's.

We support Debit/Credit cards, Apple Pay, a number of popular European payment gateways, as well as Bitcoin payments.


Credit cards      Apple pay

EU payment gateways



4. Products tailored for their audience

Why make all product types fit into the same template design?

Our store and product pages display each product genre differently, allowing us to showcase the most important aspects of each type.


bamazoo templated product pages


We automatically optimise videos to play on mobile, tablet, and HD devices.

PDF's can be automatically stamped to prevent sharing.

We offer amazing audio licensing options and provide generated license certificates.


5. Scalable & reliable

Our global servers work on the latest in scalable technology, delivering fast and reliable downloads.

One of our biggest authors is LittleBabyBum. They have over 13 billion views, and is the 17th most watched video on YouTube. So if they can trust us to deliver their videos, you can rest assured we can scale our services to suit your demand.


6. Downloading is a breeze

Not only do we deliver our downloads from a globally-distributed network, based on Amazon CloudFront, our download pages use a number of advanced security techniques to prevent direct sharing.

We have native iOS and Android apps customers can use to help them download and manage their files.

iPhone   iPhone video


7. We take care of customer support

Inevitably sometimes customers have trouble downloading their files, or require refunds. We handle all technical support, leaving you free to concentrate in creating and marketing your content.


8. Google likes us

Our pages rank well across the board due to a multitude of contributing factors which we won't bore with you here, suffice to say selling with bamazoo® means you'll stand a very good chance your product pages rank well on Google.


9. Cross selling

We can increase your sales by cross selling your products with other similar products, opening up new avenues of sales and allowing customers to discover you.


10. Easy to use backend

The bamazoo® dashboard is a joy to use. We don't bombard you with a complicated admin interface or with features you don't need.

bamazoo dashboard

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